Filtering Mail

All mail accepted by our inbound mail servers is subject to anti-spam filtering. Messages determined to be spam by this filtering are by default routed to our customers' Junkmail folders, although our customers have full control over this behavior. If your mail is ending up in the Junkmail folder here, please know that we do not offer any exemptions from anti-spam filtering; however, we can provide you with the following details about our spam filtering.

Our spam filter software is provided to us by a third party, and it scans each inbound message in a search for spam-like characteristics. These characteristics are defined based on previous complaints from our vendor's customers, and can be as simple as one URL. New messages that match the characteristics of previous messages that either drew complaints from the vendor's customers or were deemed spam by the software are likely to be deemed spam by the software.

The way to avoid having your messages deemed spam by our spamfiltering software is to send messages that do not match the characteristics of messages previously deemed to be spam.

It is also possible for our filter's verdict regarding your mail to change if enough of our vendor's customers report your mail to the vendor as not being spam. Road Runner customers do so by clicking "Not Spam" on your message while reading it in their webmail client.

Your best bet is for our customers to find your mailings in their Junkmail folders and start clicking 'Not Spam' on them; if enough of them do that, then there's every chance that your future mailings may have a more positive outcome here.