For Road Runner CustomersRunning Your Own Mail Server

Running Your Own Mail Server

If you're a Road Runner customer running your own mail server on our network, the following are your responsibility:

  • Engaging in good sending practices
  • Managing your relationship with ISPs
  • Addressing any problems with abuse or spam coming from your mailserver
  • Running your own anti-spam filtering and blocklists for inbound mail to your server
  • Dealing with any blocklists that list your mail server's IP address, unless the listing is an incorrect assertion that your IP is a dynamic IP address; in that case, and only that case, contact Road Runner Customer Care to begin the process of getting Road Runner engaged to assist in delisting.

The main message here is that if you're running you're own mail server, you and you alone are responsible for its operation. Road Runner and Time Warner Cable will take necessary steps to protect our network from problems created by spam and abuse, including problems from customer-run mail servers, but it's up to you to manage your ability to send mail to others, including to Road Runner customers. We will treat customer-run mail servers the same as other mail servers when it comes to blocking and filtering mail inbound to our mail systems.