For Road Runner CustomersOutbound Spam Control

Outbound Spam Control

Road Runner's outbound mail servers will enforce a no-spam policy, on both the Residential and Business Class systems. What this means is that we run anti-spam filtering software on our outbound servers, and any mail determined to be spam by that filter will be discarded, with no notice sent to the sender.

We recognize that this is not an optimal solution, but it's the best available to us at present. Ideally, our outbound servers would reject the message before it's handed off to them by the sender, so that the sender would have immediate notification that his/her mail was not accepted by our outbound servers. Unfortunately, with our current email server software, this is not possible; our servers must accept the message, and then scan it after the transaction is complete.

Once we've accepted a message from a sender and terminated the connection, we cannot reliably bounce a message deemed to be spam; most spam these days is from forged sender addresses, and so bouncing the rejected message to the claimed sender would, in many cases, be sending reject messages to an innocent party who had nothing to do with sending the spam in the first place.

Our other options at present are worse. We could scan the message, tag those deemed to be spam in some fashion, and then send them along to the recipients, essentially saying "We know this is spam, but we're sending it to you anyway"; even worse, we could do no scanning of mail on our outbound servers. Both of these choices would lead to our mail servers being blocked by other domains and ISPs, and such blocks would impact all of our customers' ability to send mail; we have many painful experiences with this being true.

Our recommended courses of action to customers who find their mail dropped by our outbound mail servers are two:

  • Try removing potentially objectionable items (URLs, etc.) from your mail and resend through our residential mail servers
  • If there is one or more non-Road Runner domains mentioned in your message, and you have an email address associated with one of those external domains, send your message through the mail server(s) that host mail for that external domain, as that may improve your chance of having your mail sent.

Note that neither of these alternatives promises that your mail will reach your recipient's Inbox, nor is there anything we or any provider can do to guarantee delivery to any recipient's Inbox. Filters and rules in place at the recipient's site can and will impact whether or not your mail reaches the recipient's Inbox, and the sending site has no control over those filters and rules.

In the unlikely event that you are receiving an error message containing the following information:

  • 5XX Blocked for abuse, see

Mail coming from any network identified as problematic and attempting to send using a TWC account; will not be tolerated nor allowed to send on our network. Please secure the problem and improve the bad sending habits coming from this network to prevent from receiving this block message in the future.