For Time Warner Cable CustomersResidential Mail System

Residential Mail System

Our Residential Mail system is the one used by most Time Warner Cable customers; if your email address ends in,, or (e.g.,,, etc.) then your email is hosted on our Residential mail system.

General Usage Guidelines

Our Residential Mail system is designed to provide our customers with a vehicle for sending person-to-person email, the kind of email you'd send to friends and family; it's not designed to support mailing lists, mass mailings, business mail, or other such uses.

Accessing and Sending Mail

Our Residential Mail system supports the following ways of accessing your email:

  • Webmail, where your messages are left on our servers
  • POP, where your messages are either left on our servers or downloaded to your local computer

Either method of access is available from any internet connection; it is not required for you to be on the Time Warner Cable network to access or send mail using our servers, although that is the most common method for doing so.

Configuration Settings

Our customer help pages have all the details on configuring your computer to use our email system, whether by Webmail or POP.

Rate Limits

Because our Residential Mail system is designed with person-to-person communication in mind, we've got rate limits established that are more than generous enough for typical usage, but are designed to curtail outside abuse that can jeopardize the usefulness of the system for all our customers.

Our Residential Mail system will permit no more than 100 recipients on any message; this includes the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: lists combined.

We limit outbound messages to 30MB in size.

Any email address or IP address that sends mail to 1,000 recipients in a 24 hour period will be blocked from sending for 24 hours after the rate limit is reached.

Newly created accounts have even more strict limits placed on them than these shown here.

Note: Our per message limits for both recipients and size are our limits; sites that you may be trying to send mail to may have limits that are more restrictive than ours (e.g., a site may not accept a message larger than 10MB) and we cannot guarantee that your mail will be accepted by the receiving site. If a destination rejects your message because it's too large for their policies, you will have to send a smaller message to that site.